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December 28, 2010

My circuit bent keyboard playing “Jingle Bells”

This little beast of a keyboard is so lofi it’s ridiculous.. it’s a rompler which must have like 4 bit audio samples stored on it, and the notes are transposed so the C key plays an A note. It’s so bad, it’s good! Kinda like the paint job lol.. bright ass pink with yellow and teal buttons :eek: … but it actually makes some pretty dirty sounds, especially the drum samples.

Mods include
2 distortion buttons
4 “glitch” switches/buttons
fine and coarse pitch knobs
IR sensor (not demonstrated in this video, but when enabled, pitch responds to IR sources like light bulbs or TV remote controls.. remotes actually make cool LFOs )
3 body contacts
1/4″ mono output

For the holidays i made a video of the keyboard playing one of the built in songs, Jingle Bells (aka “song 3″). Enjoy :D

December 18, 2010

My First (Homemade) Analog Synth

I’ve been noodling around with circuit bending recently. It’s pretty fun turning toys into noise-making monstrosities, but you don’t always have the fine control you want, and sometimes it’s just fun to make things from scratch.

I started reading about 555 timers which can be used to generate tones, LFOs, or really run anything that needs a clock. I’m planning on building some step sequencers to add to some of my music toys, but for now, here is my first analog synth. It’s made from just a few parts which cost only dollar or two. It generates a nasty squarewave, but it’s fun lol. I need to figure out how to get other waveforms. Right now I can only modify the duty cycle, and it seems in some “modes” the duty cycle changes with the frequency. I think I can rewire it to be stable, but I’m just learning.

Anyways, here’s a few pics and some audio.
Audio: trikomes-1st-synth.mp3

December 1, 2010

Creating Custom Delays and Pre-fader Sends in FLStudio with ‘Senderella’ (Free VST)

Two things you can’t do with the FLS mixer are

1. You cannot route a mixer track to itself or any mixer track that is routed to it. This means you can’t create custom delays and other kinds of feedback loops

2. You cannot send audio before the fader to another mixer track besides the sends

I used to use Senderella a long time ago before FLS had any kind of bussing, but kind of forgot about it once FLS was improved. Recently though I wanted to create my own custom delays since you can create unique effects by adding distortion, eq, automation, etc and realized Senderella could help

Senderella is a free VST plugin available from KVR

Custom delays
The basic concept behind a custom delay is you create a feedback loop with a single tap delay in the middle. Each time the delayed audio goes through the loop, it is processed with eq, filters, distortion, etc, so that each delay is shaped how you like.

You put a Senderella that is set to ‘Return’ at the top of the mixer, and a Senderella set to ‘Send’ at the bottom of the mixer channel. Adjust the send volume to taste to prevent feedback. (During experimentation I recommend putting a Limiter below the lower Senderella to prevent runaway feedback)

You can create a single tap delay using the delay 2 and turning the feedback all the way down, as well as turing the dry signal all the way down.

Add some processing effects and away you go. I’ve attached an example

Pre-fader sends

Pre-fader sends are sends which are not affected by the mixer track fader. To create one, simply place the send on the last mixer track, and the return on the first mixer track that you want to receive the audio. (The same concept as the feedback loop only you’re sending to a different mixer track.

One thing to be aware of is that there is some latency introduced when using Senderella. It’s ok for delays and other time based effects, but when doing parallel processing you will need to compensate for the latency. I haven’t investigated what the latency value is and/or how to determine it. Also not sure of the internal bitrate of the audio.. i’m guessing 16bit perhaps.. so watch your levels

There’s an example FLP file available on Image-Line’s forum:

September 20, 2010

Add Mixer Groups to FLStudio with Grapevine for $9.99

Get Grapevine for only $9.99 using this special promo link

September 17, 2010

Add Protools-Style Mixer Groups to FLStudio with Grapevine!

Grapevine is an app which adds mixer group functionality to FLStudio.

FLStudio is a great tool, but one feature it lacks is the ability to group mixer tracks, also known as “ganging faders”. Mixer groups allow you to change groups of sliders all at once while still maintaining the relative volume level among the tracks.

This is very useful if you do not like submix bussing, or if you have audio routed to multiple destinations and submix bussing is not adequate.

Download Grapevine DEMO

If you like it, you may buy the full version for $24.99
The full version adds the ability to save sessions, load mixer track names from FLPs files, and also type in mixer values in dB units.

Please post any problems you have in the Grapevine support forums

July 17, 2010

July 2010 DOA Grid Old School Jungle Competition Entries ZIP file

More info

Download July 2010 DOA Grid Old School Jungle Competition Entries ZIP file
Downloaded 620 times

1. ADiSH – Shotdown 3:58
2. Amen Fyre – Badboy Sound (Made in 2 Hours) 6:02
3. Artist Unknown – Bad Hearing Organisation 5:24
4. ATheory Inside Your Love 5:48
5. Atrium – JunglistSmooth Mix 6:30
6. Barry of Botton – New Fashion for 94 5:59
7. Ben Kei – Jungle Fiddler 5:08
8. Candy Hands – Journey Outward 5:16
9. DJ A TWAT – JAH 4:27
10. DJ Id – COCAINE 12 6:59
12. Dlb – Watch we for 5:43
13. Drum Mekanik – Jungle Vision 4:46
14. Drumbeat Agenda – The World Is Yours 5:47
15. Frantik – Deadline Pressure Dancehall Ear Dis 4:08
16. Lethargik – Down Time 6:24
17. Liteon – untitled 2010 jungle comp 6:12
18. Mocks – One big ghetto 4:16
19. Overdriveuk – TEST PRIMITIVE 5:18
20. Poschek – Jungle Comp Entry 6:40
21. Skywalka – bad boy ting 3:29
22. Sonny Jim – Loop 3 6:19

March 28, 2010

Some good free VSTs

Some interesting harmonic distortion plugins and other goodies.. free is always nice too ;)


March 10, 2010

LTJ Bukem, Makoto & Mc Conrad – Mixes

tons of LTJ Bukem mixes from back in the day.. absolute classics & timeless music

LTJ Bukem, Makoto & Mc Conrad – Mixes – Future Forum – Germany’s discussion board for Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat.

February 26, 2010

Mix Buss Compression by Charles Dye –

Cool article on Mix Buss compresssion

Mix Buss Compression by Charles Dye –

February 23, 2010

Get Image-line Drumaxx drum synth for only $13

Following the success of the Harmless “pay what you want” promotion, Image-line is selling their new drum synth Drumaxx for as little as $13 (9 Euro) until March 31st. They offer a PC and MAC versions of this plug in and the price is right!

Purchase Drumaxx

February 22, 2010

Free Plugins from SSL

SSL is offering some free plug ins.. the X-ISM inter peak monitor is nice for the master bus, and the LMC-1 Listen Mic Compressor is nice for some parallel compression.  Check em out ..

Solid State Logic Free Plug Ins.

February 21, 2010

HarmlessNES: Nintendo (NES) Chiptune presets for Harmless

Here’s some presets for making chiptunes using Image-Line’s Harmless. I generated the waveforms in Cool Edit Pro according to the same spec the NES synthesizer chip uses (including using only 4 bits of depth, etc). You can learn more about NES chip tunes here.

Included in this pack are 3 pulse wave variants and 1 triangle wave.

The original NES used 2 channels with pulse, 1 with triangle, 1 with white noise, and one for DPCM samples.

If you find these presets useful, please consider making a small donation.

Download HarmlessNES – Nintendo Chiptune Presets
Downloaded 1018 times

February 16, 2010

Mixing/mastering advice and some free plug ins

Check out some great mixing/mastering advice, and some free plug ins from DigitalFishPhones Link.

January 25, 2010

Honor Roll of Dynamic Recordings

Here’s a list of great recordings with explanations why they were chosen.  Very cool list!

Honor Roll of Dynamic Recordings.

January 14, 2010

Shout out to the AIR Users Blog

A big thanks to Russ over at the AIR Users Blog for linking to! Welcome AIR Users!

You might be interested to learn how to control BOOM using FLStudio’s Step Sequencer, or check out other Pro Tools related posts.

December 28, 2009

One Hundred Harmless Presets

Recently, Image-Line, the makers of FLStudio, released a new synthesizer, Harmless. It uses both additive and subtractive synthesis techniques to get some interesting sounds. Until the end of the year you can buy Harmless for as little as $9.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this synth, so here’s a hundred presets with various sounds. Categories include

Knock Basses
Sound FX
Percussion (incl Hats, Kicks and Snares)

Download 100 Harmless Presets
Downloaded 24353 times

If you enjoyed this preset pack, please check out my add-on for FLStudio: Grapevine.

December 10, 2009

Interview: Bob Ludwig, Mastering Engineer

Cool interview..

“I think many mix engineers have struggled so much to get the mix to where they are happy, to look at it again, under a microscope, is simply too difficult and by that point they are lacking perspective. Mastering is dealing with the trees in the forest of the mix.

In addition, even the best world class mix engineers often mix with decent or good monitors, but seldom are they truly world class playback systems. It turns out that music mastered on the flattest, most accurate systems, creates finished masters that sound good on the widest range of consumer playback gear.”

Hidden Track » Interview: Bob Ludwig, Master.

October 26, 2009

Passed Protools 101 today!

I passed the Protools 101 exam today with a 100% score. :D

October 25, 2009

Massive Set of Yamaha Drum Samples

Here’s a bunch of drums courtesy the AIR Users Blog.. theres tons of samples and Structure patches on the site so check em out

Massive Set of Yamaha Drum Samples.

Control Protools’ BOOM with FLStudio’s Step Sequencer

As folllow up on my previous post regarding using FLStudio as a MIDI controller, here’s a template so you can use FLStudio’s step sequencer to control Boom in Protools. Boom has a step sequencer, but it is limited to 4 beats per pattern and only 16 patterns. You can trigger the individual drum sounds via MIDI, but the notes are assigned in a somewhat random way. This template makes it much easier to program in grooves longer than 4 beats and also arrange various patterns.

This template uses the Protools 8 Dashboard and needs a virtual midi cable installed to work properly.. it’s set up to use Port 1 of FLStudio. Unzip into a folder inside of FLStudio\Data\Projects\Templates\

Download Boom Step Sequencer
Downloaded 954 times

Don’t own FLStudio? Save 10% off the purchase price. The features required to control Boom are in all versions of FLStudio.

October 23, 2009

Using FLStudio as a MIDI controller for Protools 8

Using this dashboard with FLStudio, one can control Protools just like a hardware MIDI controller. This means one has the ability to record MIDI note and automation data from FLStudio directly into Protools. In addition, one can control the dashboard with other hardware controllers, easily allowing any controller to be integrated into Protools.


September 8, 2009

Fruity Theremin for FLStudio

I made this a few weeks back.. it’s pretty fun to play around with and you can get some pretty tripped out sounds.

Load up the FLP into FLStudio 8+. Press play and move the mouse around.

Fruity Theremin
Downloaded 1292 times

Example mp3
Downloaded 2572 times

August 24, 2009

Rewiring FLStudio into ProTools with both both mono and stereo busses

Here’s a useful template for those who are into rewiring FLS into other hosts. I like to bounce out of FLS directly into protools via rewire, but one thing that was bugging me was the fact that FLStudio doesn’t support mono tracks. I did some research and it seems using the Fruity Mute plug in is the best option since it doesn’t affect levels like the pan and stereo separation knobs. I set up the mute plug in for the mono channels in the template so it’s easy to just assign the tracks.

The first 10 mixer tracks correspond to FL1 – FL10 in your rewire host and should be used on stereo busses. Tracks 11 – 20 are assigned to rewire busses FL11 – FL15, and are split into mono busses.

The Master track is routed to rewire bus FL16 as a stereo bus. But think of the master as only the “preview” bus — I disabled the routing of assigned audio to the master because the mono output doesn’t sound right being run though the FLS mixer. Unassigned audio will go to FL16, as will sample browser previewing.

Download template
Downloaded 1057 times

Unzip into a folder inside of FL Studio\Data\Projects\Templates\

If you load up the template while in rewire mode, the next time you reopen FLS in rewire, it will start with this template.

August 21, 2009

How Copyright Law Changed Hip Hop

Stumbled across this interesting article about sampling with Public Enemy

How Copyright Law Changed Hip Hop

August 14, 2009

Sound on Sound: RIP Les Paul

Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar and multitrack recording passed away yesterday. RIP

Les Paul on Wikipedia

July 29, 2009

160 megs of misc drum hits

care of DOA

March 30, 2009

Paradox ESP Radio Show

60 minutes of exclusives from the Paradox camps including Seba, Gremlinz, Dj Trax and Alaska, plus the usual banter including tour news, up and coming 12″ releases and the football world.

February 27, 2009

How to use the Korg nanoKontrol with ProTools 8

ProTools 8 only has support for a few controllers, but luckily the nanoKontrol can be used to emulate controls of the M-Audio Axoim 61 almost perfectly.

February 15, 2009

A nano Review of the Korg nanoKey

I picked up a Korg NanoKey the other day from Guitar Center. It’s a MIDI keyboard, but is the same size as laptop keyboard and looks and feels similar as well. You really have to bang the keys hard to get the full velocity, though once you adjust the velocity curve it’s completely usable.

My biggest gripes are the lack of true mod and pitch wheels.  They offer two pitch wheel buttons which move the pitch up and down at configurable speeds, but the mod wheel button only acts as an instant toggle.. It’s not really a mod wheel as much as an extra MIDI button.

Regardless, it’s not bad if you just need a simple  and inexpensive MIDI keyboard controller.  I paid $54 out the door for mine. I’m interested in checking out their pad controller, the nanoPad as well.

February 7, 2009

Two All PFM Mixes

Here’s 2 all PFM mixes!

First up, one by Wozowski

Progressive Future Music – 1hr of PFM

PFM – Cruising Detroit (98 Remix)
PFM – Danny’s Song
PFM – One and Only
Mandalay – Flowers Bloom (PFM Secret Lover Mix)
PFM – The Western (Words 2 B Heard Vocal Mix)
PFM – The Mystics
PFM – Language of Love
PFM – Dreams
PFM – In Love
PFM – Wash Over Me
Saint Etienne – The Sea (PFM Remix)
PFM – For All of Us

Second mix is by Blick
All PFM Remix Mix – 111.02 mins – 320 kbps

00.00 – Mandalay – Flowers Bloom – (Secret Lover Remix By PFM) – 1996
07.09 – Lisa Moorish – Love For Life – (PFM Mix) – 1996
13.26 – JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk – (PFM Remix) – 1995
20.15 – Eat Static – Hybrid – (PFM Remix) – 1997
27.56 – David Holmes – Gone – (PFM Remix) – 1996
34.55 – Akasha – Brown Sugar – (PFM’s Cosmic Journey Mix) – 1997
39.58 – Forces Of Nature – Cool Spot – (PFM Remix) – 1997
46.32 – Mulu – Pussycat – (PFM Remix) – 1997
53.46 – St Etienne – The Sea – (PFM Remix) – 1996
61.28 – Trickbaby – Milky – (PFM Sunrise Mix) – 1997
67.50 – Espiritu – Man Don’t Cry – (PFM Remix) – 1997
73.10 – PFM – The Western – (Mike’s Ricochet Mix) – 2003
80.34 – PFM – Cruising Detroit ’98 – (98 Remix) – 1998
87.14 – Lil Louis – Clap Your Hands – (PFM Mix) – 1997
94.26 – Art Of Noise – Opus 4 – (Remixed By PFM) – 1996
101.30 – PFM – One And Only – (Remix) – 2003

Download from here,…PFMRemixMix.mp3

Or here,…mixMix.mp3.html

New All Fanu Mix available

Fanu’s updated his site and also released a new (non-dnb) All Fanu mix!

01. Snow People (Lightless)
02. From Afterlife She Speaks [reprise] (Lightless)
03. Black Bag (LoCuts)
04. Roy Batty Is Still Alive (old shit dub)
05. Hagakure (Lightless)
06. My Beautiful Paranoia (Lightless)
07. This Behavior Is Not Unique (Subvert Central Recordings)
08. Sidestep (Lightless)
09. Dj Trax feat. KJ Sawka – Opening Shot – Fanu remix (Lightless dub)
10. You May Fall But Don’t Hide Your Face (Lightless dub)
11. Burning The Bridge (Lightless dub)
12. And I Find Her There (Lightless dub)
13. Killer Boys And Black Balloons (Lightless dub)

mirror 1
mirror 2

Cinematic sound FX pack

lacuna origin has put together a nice pack of cinematic sounds. Check em out

via DOA

February 3, 2009

Avoiding CPU hogging bloatware

I had to reinstall Windows XP recently, and having a fresh install, I decided to try to keep it free of any unnecessary bloatware. Of particular concern was any program which installed background processes which launch on start up.

An ideal music production machine would be isolated from the internet, but the fact is most people don’t have a dedicated music machine separate from their general PC. Many people will want to view a range of media on their computers as well. Here is a list of some of the software I ended up installing. All of this software is free and most is open source.

Foxit Reader

PDF files are very common these days. You find them all over the internet, and even some plug ins come with PDF help files. But Adobe Reader is a huge program and installs a hidden background process which launches when Windows first starts up. A great alternative is the free Foxit Reader. It’s only a few megs, works with Firefox, and doesn’t install any hidden processes. I actually think it’s much faster than Adobe Reader as well so definitely worth checking out.

QT Lite

Quicktime is another one of those evil programs which installs start up programs for no reason. If you need quicktime support, use QT Lite, which installs just the barebones to get QuickTime running in your browser and in your media player.


Apple has another baddie on its hands with iTunes. This program installs all sorts of processes. If you just want to copy files on to your iPod, try YamiPod. You can even put the executable files on your iPod so you can use it on any computer. My only complaint about YamiPod is the smart playlist support is missing.


Most IM software such as AIM or YIM insist on starting at boot time, and AOL seems to have persistent processes. Pidgin is a multi-network IM client so you can use it to consolidate all of your different chat programs into one.

Media Player Classic with ffdshow

I love this lightweight media player; you’ll never need Windows Media Player or iTunes ever again. Use with ffdshow, which is an excellent “all-in-one” decoder. Using Media Player Classic and ffdshow, one can view almost every common media file. No more downloading those sketchy “codec packs”.

VLC Media Player

Another great alternative to WMP and iTunes is the VLC Media Player. I don’t like the interface quite as much as Media Player Classic, but it handles most media files without problems and without the need for external decoders or codecs.

January 25, 2009

A bunch of old skool Bukem Mixes 92-96

Here’s 13 tight old skool mixes from LTJ Bukem.. most are 192kbps, though there’s a few at 128k

January 21, 2009

J&UNGLE MIxtapeSeries No1 Mixed by Goreteks

97ish J&UNGLE…..


J&UNGLE MIxtapeSeries No1

1. To Shape The Future (Optical Rmx)_Optical
2. Quadrant Six (Fierce Rmx)_Dom & Optical
3. Sphere_Trace ft. Optical
4. Dead By Dawn (The Final Chapta)_Future Forces Inc.
5. Metropolis(Doc Scott Rmx)_Adam F
6. Copies_Trace
7. Moving 808′s_Optical
8. Light Years_Cybotron Ft. Dillinja
9. Fade 2 Black_Souljah
10. Venus_Serve Chilled
11. Extra Terrestrial (Dom Rmx)_Genotype
12. Revelations_Cybotron ft. Dillinja
13. Angry Business_Genotype

From here

January 20, 2009

Six Metalheadz Blue Note Mixes from 1998 & 1999

Originally posted at
Tracklistings here:

Randall b2b Goldie 12/7/98

Marley Marl 20/??/98 – (I reckon this is either Sun 20/09/98 or Sun 20/12/98)

Loxy 3/1/99

Bailey 28/8/98

Grooverider 10/1/99

Doc Scott b2b DJ Lee 28/6/98

All Source Direct Mixes by Law

Here’s a pair of awesome mixes of Source Direct tunes, mixed by Law

Part I


01.. Intensity – Intensity – Basement [1995]
02.. Sounds Of Life – Intallect – Certificate 18 [1995]
03.. Source Direct – Shimmer – Odessy [1994]
04.. Source Direct – Bliss – Source Direct [1995]
05.. Sounds Of Life – A Spice Of Jazz – Certificate 18 [1995]
06.. Source Direct – Different Groove – Odessy [1995]
07.. Source Direct – A Made Up Sound – Metalheadz [1995]
08.. Source Direct – Artificial Barriers – Source Direct [1996]
09.. Sounds Of Life – Currents (Remix) – Certificte 18 [1995]
10.. Source Direct – Secret Liason – Good Looking [1996]
11.. Source Direct – Future London – Odessy [1994]
12.. Hokusai – Divine – Source Direct [1997]
13.. Source Direct – Stonekiller – Metalheadz [1996]
14.. Source Direct – The Cult (Remix) – Razor’s Edge [1996]
15.. Source Direct – The Crane – Source Direct [1996]
16.. Source Direct – Concealed Identity – Science [1998]
17.. Hokusai – Black Rose – Source Direct [1996]
18.. Source Direct – Exit 9 – Source Direct [1995]

Part II

01.. Mirage – Deep Rage – Odysee Records
02.. Oblivion – Sands Of Time – Street Beats
03.. Intensity – Shadows – Basement Records
04.. Source Direct – Modem – Source Direct
05.. Intensity – Forbidden Medicine – Basement Records
06.. Oblivion – Lush – Street Beats
07.. Source Direct – Complexities – Good Looking Records
08.. Mirage – Personal – Odysee Records
09.. Nemeton – D.E. (Sounds Of Life Dub Mix) – One Little Indian
10.. Source Direct – Approach & Identify – Source Direct
11.. Code Of Practice – Can We Change The Future? (Sounds Of Life Remix) – Certificate 18
12.. Sounds Of Life – Trust Me – Certificate 18
13.. Sounds Of Life – Hidden Rooms – Certificate 18
14.. Source Direct – Snake Style – Source Direct
15.. Hokusai – Red Lights – Source Direct Recordings
16.. Source Direct – The Cult – Metalheadz
17.. Rufige Kru – Dark Metal (Source Direct Remix) – Razors Edge

Care of:

FL Studio Skin: Colored Numeric Knobs

Sometimes it’s tough to see those tiny little knobs in FL Studio so I made these knobs. They display numbers and are also color coded so you can see the exact values very easily. The two different ways of expressing the information also help reinforce the values so they’re easy to remember if you’re messing around with different stuff.

All the artwork is based off of existing FL Studio elements so it matches well enough. the color scheme is also very similar to the newer FLS plugs.

Unzip in \Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Artwork\Skins
Download the Skin pack
Downloaded 1485 times

Classic Drum and Bass Break Pack

To celebrate the launch of my new blog, here is over 100mb of classic drum and bass breaks! These have been collected over the years from the internet and are from various sources, but all are high quality breaks at original speeds.

The breaks included are

  • Amen
  • Assembly Line
  • Da Fuzz and Da Boog
  • Funky Drummer
  • Funky Mule
  • Helicopter
  • Here Come the Metermen
  • Hot Pants
  • Impeach the President
  • NT
  • Scorpio
  • Shack Up
  • Skullsnaps
  • Soul Pride
  • The Worm
  • Think
  • Tighten up

Download the Classic Break Pack
Downloaded 10743 times

If you enjoyed this break pack, please check out my add-on for FLStudio: Grapevine. blog launches!

Welcome to! Stay tuned for samples, tutorials and other audio and production related fun!

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