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February 27, 2009

How to use the Korg nanoKontrol with ProTools 8

ProTools 8 only has support for a few controllers, but luckily the nanoKontrol can be used to emulate controls of the M-Audio Axoim 61 almost perfectly.

February 15, 2009

A nano Review of the Korg nanoKey

I picked up a Korg NanoKey the other day from Guitar Center. It’s a MIDI keyboard, but is the same size as laptop keyboard and looks and feels similar as well. You really have to bang the keys hard to get the full velocity, though once you adjust the velocity curve it’s completely usable.

My biggest gripes are the lack of true mod and pitch wheels.  They offer two pitch wheel buttons which move the pitch up and down at configurable speeds, but the mod wheel button only acts as an instant toggle.. It’s not really a mod wheel as much as an extra MIDI button.

Regardless, it’s not bad if you just need a simple  and inexpensive MIDI keyboard controller.  I paid $54 out the door for mine. I’m interested in checking out their pad controller, the nanoPad as well.

February 7, 2009

Two All PFM Mixes

Here’s 2 all PFM mixes!

First up, one by Wozowski

Progressive Future Music – 1hr of PFM

PFM – Cruising Detroit (98 Remix)
PFM – Danny’s Song
PFM – One and Only
Mandalay – Flowers Bloom (PFM Secret Lover Mix)
PFM – The Western (Words 2 B Heard Vocal Mix)
PFM – The Mystics
PFM – Language of Love
PFM – Dreams
PFM – In Love
PFM – Wash Over Me
Saint Etienne – The Sea (PFM Remix)
PFM – For All of Us

Second mix is by Blick
All PFM Remix Mix – 111.02 mins – 320 kbps

00.00 – Mandalay – Flowers Bloom – (Secret Lover Remix By PFM) – 1996
07.09 – Lisa Moorish – Love For Life – (PFM Mix) – 1996
13.26 – JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk – (PFM Remix) – 1995
20.15 – Eat Static – Hybrid – (PFM Remix) – 1997
27.56 – David Holmes – Gone – (PFM Remix) – 1996
34.55 – Akasha – Brown Sugar – (PFM’s Cosmic Journey Mix) – 1997
39.58 – Forces Of Nature – Cool Spot – (PFM Remix) – 1997
46.32 – Mulu – Pussycat – (PFM Remix) – 1997
53.46 – St Etienne – The Sea – (PFM Remix) – 1996
61.28 – Trickbaby – Milky – (PFM Sunrise Mix) – 1997
67.50 – Espiritu – Man Don’t Cry – (PFM Remix) – 1997
73.10 – PFM – The Western – (Mike’s Ricochet Mix) – 2003
80.34 – PFM – Cruising Detroit ’98 – (98 Remix) – 1998
87.14 – Lil Louis – Clap Your Hands – (PFM Mix) – 1997
94.26 – Art Of Noise – Opus 4 – (Remixed By PFM) – 1996
101.30 – PFM – One And Only – (Remix) – 2003

Download from here,…PFMRemixMix.mp3

Or here,…mixMix.mp3.html

New All Fanu Mix available

Fanu’s updated his site and also released a new (non-dnb) All Fanu mix!

01. Snow People (Lightless)
02. From Afterlife She Speaks [reprise] (Lightless)
03. Black Bag (LoCuts)
04. Roy Batty Is Still Alive (old shit dub)
05. Hagakure (Lightless)
06. My Beautiful Paranoia (Lightless)
07. This Behavior Is Not Unique (Subvert Central Recordings)
08. Sidestep (Lightless)
09. Dj Trax feat. KJ Sawka – Opening Shot – Fanu remix (Lightless dub)
10. You May Fall But Don’t Hide Your Face (Lightless dub)
11. Burning The Bridge (Lightless dub)
12. And I Find Her There (Lightless dub)
13. Killer Boys And Black Balloons (Lightless dub)

mirror 1
mirror 2

Cinematic sound FX pack

lacuna origin has put together a nice pack of cinematic sounds. Check em out

via DOA

February 3, 2009

Avoiding CPU hogging bloatware

I had to reinstall Windows XP recently, and having a fresh install, I decided to try to keep it free of any unnecessary bloatware. Of particular concern was any program which installed background processes which launch on start up.

An ideal music production machine would be isolated from the internet, but the fact is most people don’t have a dedicated music machine separate from their general PC. Many people will want to view a range of media on their computers as well. Here is a list of some of the software I ended up installing. All of this software is free and most is open source.

Foxit Reader

PDF files are very common these days. You find them all over the internet, and even some plug ins come with PDF help files. But Adobe Reader is a huge program and installs a hidden background process which launches when Windows first starts up. A great alternative is the free Foxit Reader. It’s only a few megs, works with Firefox, and doesn’t install any hidden processes. I actually think it’s much faster than Adobe Reader as well so definitely worth checking out.

QT Lite

Quicktime is another one of those evil programs which installs start up programs for no reason. If you need quicktime support, use QT Lite, which installs just the barebones to get QuickTime running in your browser and in your media player.


Apple has another baddie on its hands with iTunes. This program installs all sorts of processes. If you just want to copy files on to your iPod, try YamiPod. You can even put the executable files on your iPod so you can use it on any computer. My only complaint about YamiPod is the smart playlist support is missing.


Most IM software such as AIM or YIM insist on starting at boot time, and AOL seems to have persistent processes. Pidgin is a multi-network IM client so you can use it to consolidate all of your different chat programs into one.

Media Player Classic with ffdshow

I love this lightweight media player; you’ll never need Windows Media Player or iTunes ever again. Use with ffdshow, which is an excellent “all-in-one” decoder. Using Media Player Classic and ffdshow, one can view almost every common media file. No more downloading those sketchy “codec packs”.

VLC Media Player

Another great alternative to WMP and iTunes is the VLC Media Player. I don’t like the interface quite as much as Media Player Classic, but it handles most media files without problems and without the need for external decoders or codecs.

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