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February 7, 2009

New All Fanu Mix available

Fanu’s updated his site and also released a new (non-dnb) All Fanu mix!

01. Snow People (Lightless)
02. From Afterlife She Speaks [reprise] (Lightless)
03. Black Bag (LoCuts)
04. Roy Batty Is Still Alive (old shit dub)
05. Hagakure (Lightless)
06. My Beautiful Paranoia (Lightless)
07. This Behavior Is Not Unique (Subvert Central Recordings)
08. Sidestep (Lightless)
09. Dj Trax feat. KJ Sawka – Opening Shot – Fanu remix (Lightless dub)
10. You May Fall But Don’t Hide Your Face (Lightless dub)
11. Burning The Bridge (Lightless dub)
12. And I Find Her There (Lightless dub)
13. Killer Boys And Black Balloons (Lightless dub)

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